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Torsten Hoffman


Melbourne, Australia

Torsten is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in the technology, media and fintech sector. His area of expertise is business development, licensing, sales and distribution where he is considered an effective negotiator and deal-maker when it comes to monetizing innovative products or IP. Torsten is a native German and has lived, studied and worked on four continents before settling in Melbourne, Australia. He received his MBA from the University of Oxford where his peers voted him as “Most Likely Start-up Millionaire”. He has previously worked 6 years as middle manager in the corporate world (Telco) with large team and budget responsibilities and then spent a further 6 years in consulting (Media). More recently Torsten has written, directed and produced an award winning documentary about disruption in the finance sector.

As angel investor Torsten has supported startups in 7 countries. Transactions included first-money-in, seed stage, regular angel round and he has also lead angel syndicate rounds. Torsten serves on the board of or is an active director and adviser to many of these startups. His current portfolio include an award-winning Bitcoin company, an innovative Korean gaming and animation studio, a South-African streaming media production firm, an early-stage Australian travel app and a growing Swiss food business. He has single-handedly generated the first million dollars in revenue for one of these companies. While some of the start-ups can certainly be considered big successes, Torsten also likes to discuss his failed angel investments where he misjudged the market potential or lacked proper due diligence.

As entrepreneur Torsten has built several distribution businesses, mainly in the technology and media industry. He has successfully negotiated deals with clients including Deutsche Telekom, CCTV China, Samsung, Bloomberg, SABC, LG Electronics, Netflix, NBC Universal, SONY, IMAX, Amazon, Virgin Media and several Asian Government agencies. Start-ups that seek help in licensing and distribution seek his support and advice. He is also available as contract negotiator and mediator.

Furthermore, Torsten has been a popular speaker at major media and technology events and conferences where he is considered a knowledgeable expert on four different subject matters. His engagements as moderator, jury member, panellist and speaker have taken him to 5 continents and include Cannes, Los Angeles, Seoul, Paris, Beijing, Adelaide, Dubrovnik, Cape Town, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Munich. Torsten is also a prolific blogger and writer. His academic work on the media industry in China has been published as e-Book and in print; he is frequently featured in the press. Torsten’s first documentary “Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It” was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter, went viral on the Internet, received awards at festivals in Las Vegas and Amsterdam and remains popular and highly rated. Torsten can support with establishing a founder as thought leader in an industry or getting a product or company press exposure by “hacking the system”. His experience as filmmaker and his connections within the media industry will be helpful for any company looking to connect with an audience.