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Pete Karumo



An experienced veteran from the ICT industry, Pete has built a career with notable technology giants Oracle, Nokia and Texas Instruments. He built a reputation for excelling in managing global customers.

Hailing from Finland with a business degree from the Helsinki School of Economics International Track, Pete has lived and worked past 15 years in Finland, France and Singapore. He is a permanent resident in Singapore.

Pete has been a founder and first employee in several startups. At Wificom he pioneered and developed the first Wi-Fi hotspots in Europe with the goal of enabling easy and affordable internet access to everyone.

At a pioneering social enterprise Shiftrunner he oversaw business development and the building of a multiplayer online game for children that gives them easy-to-use, scalable means to learn about the world around them by contributing to charitable causes. He developed the first partner networks with international schools, NGOs and technology providers.

He is fluent in Finnish, English, French and Swedish.

His skills and passions are:
Innovations and Entrepreneurship
Gamification of Learning
Supply Chain Optimisation
Client management and coaching

Pete is a strong advocate of incorporating the triple bottom line framework – people, planet and profits – into business decisions. He consults multinationals, startups and educational institutions, using the extensive professional experience to educate the next generation of digital professionals.