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Oxana Aculici

Research Expert

Hamburg, Germany

Oxana is a philanthropist, traveler, business faculty graduate and sees the world through its cultural and economic diversity!  She grew up with a curiosity for travel and foreign cultures. In the past seven years Oxana was traveling, studying, working and volunteering all around the world, living in different parts of the world. This made her passionate about international business and innovation. Oxana is currently doing research as a part of her post- graduate degree in International Business and Sustainability in university of Hamburg. Her areas of research and professional interest are innovation and international start-up scene. In 2013 she was selected to participate in “CIEE Leadership Summit” in Washington D.C., where she met with political and business US leaders as well as with founders of worldwide social organizations. This triggered her passion for entrepreneurship and social change. Oxana believes, it is the best implemented via business innovation and sustainable growth of businesses that make a world a better place.

Oxana thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced working environment, that’s why she likes working with start-ups and enabling their sustainable growth. She believes that data/ research driven decisions, structured planning and execution can help any business to succeed in a long term.