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Jamie Engel

Education Expert

Sydney, Australia

Jamie has a range of experience across education, media, technology, and design.  He is currently the CEO and founder of Neutopia, a platform that invites a new type of social learning experience.  

Jamie teaches and consults on the design and implementation of innovative courses in entrepreneurship, social enterprises, systems thinking, and storytelling as well as courses that explore the future of organizations and the workplace, future of retail, 3d printing, psychology and neuroscience and how they relate to learning.

Clients include a range of universities, education focused start-ups, and businesses in the corporate sector looking to improve their learning and development programs.

Jamie is the Co-Founder of Future Worlds Challenge, a multi-platform learning experience that prepares today’s youth for tomorrow’s world by developing their cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, ethical frameworks, and giving them a stronger awareness of the risks and opportunities new technologies present to humanity and themselves. 

He also advises, mentors and partners on a variety of programs and start-ups that relate to education and foster entrepreneurship, social enterprise and leadership skills for both adults and children including Tinker Tank, One Young World, and the Remarkable program, Australia’s first disability focused accelerator.

Prior to working in education, Jamie spent 15 years in the movie industry as a 3D animator and special effects artist as well as a screenwriter.  Building on this background he is currently exploring how virtual and augmented reality can be harnessed for the purposes of making engaging and impactful educational experiences.