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Claudia Barriga-Larriviere

Innovation Strategist

Sydney, Australia

Pollenizer alumni, Claudia Barriga-Larriviere is a surgeon when it comes to startup strategy and getting the right team in the early stages of a business. She is a talent intelligence and change management expert and works with startup founders in the B2B space. Named one of Sydney’s top ten startup mentors, Claudia is a growth advisor with a passion for innovative collaboration.

“Startups are businesses at their most vulnerable and uncertain stage. We all forget that a startup is run by people who are invested in an outcome broader than their roles, broader than themselves. They have taken an enormous risk that needs to pay off, one way or another. My job is to make sure that we see them through the changes and that founders don’t lose sight of the final destination.”

Claudia is also a huge supporter of the Social Enterprise space, having been heavily involved in Project Futures and TedX Sydney. She is the Dean of the Awesome Foundation in Sydney and is a pro bono business mentor for startups and emerging businesses across Australia. Claudia is an innovation columnist for the Startup Daily with a focus on events and industry meetups.

Specializing in taking companies through change, Claudia helps them grow while making sure they come out stronger on the other end. It’s never pretty, but it’s always exciting. Her weapons of choice are focus, fast failure, lean tools and data-driven insights. She has made a whole career out of failing upwards by skillfully living in the margin of error. After all, risk is where the fun is. Talk to her about early innovation, market focus, and change management.