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Let’s Build Your Global Company Together

Let’s Build It Together

What’s Your Global Idea?

You’ve built and tested your prototype, raised seed capital or are self-funded. You may have beta users or even a small number of paying customers.

Now what? Let StartMesh handle the where-to-next.

How you navigate the next phase of your journey is mission-critical. It’s where 96% of startups will fail. We’ve learned exactly why that happens in most cases.

We are Venture Catalysts

What We Do For You

We deliver on 5 promises:

  • Global Strategy
  • Revenue
  • Government Grants
  • Equity Funding
  • Minimise Cost

One stop shop

How We Do It

We typically look for companies that have truely validated their idea and have sustainable revenue of $250,000.00 per year.

We focus on industry verticals where we add the most value, at precisely the stage when we can provide the greatest impact. We provide expertise, partnerships, funding and unique access to our resources. Interested?


The Startmesh Process


Application Submission

Submit your online application via our website.

1 Week


Our global team will assess your application within 1 week from submission.

3 Weeks

Capability Review

We will assign a mentor (partner) and assess your capability and global market fit

6 weeks

Scaling Plan

This is the most important phase of the journey. During this phase we prepare and define your business for the next 2-3 years of the journey.

4 Weeks


Once we are all aligned and agree to the strategic journey we commence engagement through a 4 week initiation process. During this process we:
– complete Shareholding agreements
– implement our proprietary online dashboard
– set up a unique global team to work with you
…And formally kick off the program.

18 Months


The Startmesh Program

3 Months


Once your business achieves sustainable profitability or a liquidity event we feel our role in your success has been fulfilled.

What’s Your Global Idea? Let’s Build It Together